Equipment and Data Protection

Environment Monitoring by AVTECH

AVTECH Room monitoring for server IT and more

AVTECH 32E with light tower via Sellcom.com (Made in the USA)


Brickwall "non MOV" series mode  120V AC Power Surge protection


240V ZeroSurge "non MOV" series mode surge protection

Minuteman True Online UPS AC Backup Power systems
Telephones, accessories and specialty phones
  AT&T 4-line and 2-line phones and  systems
Yealink Phone and Videophone systems
Panasonic  4-line phone system and 2-line DECT 6.0 1.9GHz cordless phones 

XBlue Networks Business phone communications system with VOIP Clarity Amplified Cordless phones for the hearing impaired
SonicAlert Telephone and Doorbell Signalers ClearSounds amplified cordless and corded phone systems
On-Hold Plus New Music On Hold system Nel-Tech Music On Hold systems
PolyCom  Full Duplex Conference Phones Konexx Konference Analog Digital Converter
Specialty Items
CLICK HERE for the CanDo Ergonomic Chair.


Made in the USA Brave Log Splitters! Brave log splitter via Sellcom.com

OKIdata Printers, the economical small and large office printers


No prescription required

Security and Special Needs
Guardian Alert 911 and the new Freedom Alert  Emergency Pendants
No monthly fee!

logicmark sellcom.com

Security Man Do-it-Yourself Wireless Home Security System
SonicAlert Sonic Bomb AlarmSonicAlert Sonic Bomb Alarm via Sellcom.com Clock,

 Telephone and Doorbell Signalers

V-line Wallsafes and pistol safes, shotgun safes and closet vaults

Other services we use and recommend

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Through SELLCOM you can set up credit card processing with Ipayment directly and cut out the middleman. This means lower rates for you. With most merchant services you would be using Ipayment services anyway.


If you are looking for high end servers or workstation computers and are interested in used or refurbished with a one year warranty in order to save a ton of money;. we can be your concierge. You will be amazed at what you can get.  The stock changes frequently so if you are interested please email support@sellcom.com with your contact information and some detail of  what you are looking for.

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