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SELLCOM pocket protectors and LED Book Lights while they last!

Sellcom pocket protector (beware of imitations)    

This long established symbol of strength and intelligence previously reserved for only the elite of the elite can now be yours!

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These are really just supposed to be an occasional gift for our regular product customers, but some people are asking for them so we will sell them as a 6 pack for $20 with free shipping/handling (usually US mail).  All sales are final as we are just doing this as a courtesy.  Click here for the Book Light.
We don't wish to offend anyone but we must insist that these only be ordered by good people who are above average intelligence,  thank you.

6 pack of genuine SELLCOM pocket protectors (free shipping) $20

Pocket protector Features

  • No computer needed
  • Wireless
  • No batteries
  • Works with most standard ink pens
  • Genuine vinyl (cloth pocket protectors have proven to be unreliable)
  • Guaranteed not to rust
  • Water resistant to 500 feet
  • Non violent
  • No programming experience needed
  • Rest assured that our pocket protectors were never tested on animals.
  • Fat free!
  • Legal in all 50 states and most countries.
  • No assembly required

Possible actual comments about the SELLCOM pocket protector:

  • "I respect a man with a pocket protector" - Betsy (attractive office worker)
  • "I never have arrested a man wearing a pocket protector" - Sam (Fireman in South Dakota)
  • "Sure it looks great, now this is my corner OK?" - Angel (Girl downtown)
  • "Phear the man with the pocket protector" - Jim (some kind of free software programmer)
  • "It fit my shirt pocket, wow!" - Barry (new guy from the temp agency)
  • "So?"  - Unknown (man carrying sign about working for food and God bless)
  • "Huh?" - Unknown (man sleeping in park)
  • "OK, but may I see your drivers license" - Unknown (man in police uniform)
  • "Sure, why not, thanks." - Jerry (suit walking down the street when offered protector)
  • "Wrong door, bud, trust me." - Unknown (gruff man downtown in some old building)
  • "Don't let me keep you from telling someone who cares." - Unknown (would not give her name)
  • "No, and you see that sign over there." Unknown (nice security guard walking out with me)
  • "Sure, thanks.   Would you like fries with that?" Jill (restaurant worker)
  • "Man I like this, I really like this, thanks man" - Barry again

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The SELLCOM pocket protector has a lifetime warranty for as long as it holds up.    It is FREE for many authentic SELLCOM customers.

Do not settle for the new inferior knitted or woven cotton pocket protectors.  They simply don't work.

How the SELLCOM pocket protector Works
The authentic SELLCOM pocket protector is a genuine vinyl device designed to fit into the shirt pocket to protect from
those growing dots that come on your shirt when you forget and put your pen in your pocket without putting the safety on first. As with any protection device the pocket protector should be periodically examined for wear and suitability.

Disclaimer regarding the SELLCOM pocket protector 
There is no warranty express or implied.   If one should leak it is still your fault for not closing your pen first.   We are not responsible for anything about this (not that we are irresponsible people or anything but that is just an important legal saying).  If you put it on and your computer crashes we are sorry but we can't help you because we are not responsible.  Not responsible not one little bit.  If your dog tries to eat it and chokes that is your fault for letting the dog get it.  We are not responsible, nope notta. NOT RESPONSIBLE!

FCC rating  regarding the SELLCOM pocket protector
There is no FCC rating for the SELLCOM pocket protector because it is not considered a telecommunications device even though it can be a topic of a conversation that could take place over wires especially with video conferencing.

Compatibility statement  regarding the SELLCOM pocket protector
The SELLCOM pocket protector is not known to interfere with any electronic device and is safe in most
environments that are already safe and wholesome.

What the SELLCOM pocket protector can do for you
Simply stated without warranty express or implied the genuine SELLCOM pocket protector in combination with a good diet and proper exercise can actually improve your health.   In combination with a shrewd investment strategy it can actually make you wealthy. (past performance not indicative of anything, not anything at all, really....)


Official SELLCOM LED Book Light

We are also offering our popular SELLCOM LED  book light for only $20 as a courtesy.  This is a promotional item that some people get free when they order products from SELLCOM.

SELLCOM Book Light

1  genuine SELLCOM LED book light (free shipping) $20

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 All sales final.

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