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XBlue 1670 Digital speakerphones - 5 color choices

XBlue 1610 KSU communication server   and

XBlue 2 port CO module

XBlue 1630 2-port CO module

XB1698 4 line connector

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XBlue 1670 Networks Speakerphone

Choice of 5 colors: 

Charcoal, Red Mahogany, Titanium, Vivid Blue, Pink

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The X16 system is a full featured, next generation, multi-line business telephone system ideal for both home and small office environments. It comes equipped to interface with 4 Central Office (CO) Lines, equipped to receive Caller ID, and sixteen (16) proprietary digital telephone endpoints. The system can be expanded to accommodate an additional two (2) CO Lines, allowing a maximum configuration of six central office telephone lines. Or the system may be configured with 4 CO Lines and 2 Voice over IP (VoIP) Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Media Gateways and sixteen proprietary digital telephone endpoints. In addition, the system comes standard with Auto Attendant and all digital telephone endpoints have a personal digitally integrated voice mailbox.
Auto Attendant Intercom Paging
Answering Machine Emulation Meet Me Answer (Paging)
Audible and Visual Ringing Memo Recording
Backlit LCD Display Message Waiting (Telco-FSK)
Call Timer Multilingual Display per Extension
Call Transfer Music on Hold Internal/External
Caller ID and Call Waiting Caller ID Mute with LED indication
CO Line Busy/Idle Status (LED) Navigation Keys
CO Line Ringing (programmable) New/All Message Play
Conference (3-way) Voice Mail
Conversation Recording Phone Book Dialing
Daylight Savings (Automatic with
Caller ID)

Click here for 2 page quick reference card

Click here for 26 page user guide in PDF

Click here for the installation manual in PDF  This should help you determine if you have the technical inclination to do the install yourself or if you would need to hire a local installer.  Most technically inclined customers should be able to handle the installation in house and thereby save money.

Programmable Buttons (12)
Direct Mailbox Transfer Programmable Pause (Speed Bins)
Direct Station Select Ė Busy Lamp
Display Number Dial Remote Message Pickup
Distinctive Ringing Ringer Volume Control
Do Not Disturb Set Time and Date
Flash Timer Speakerphone with LED
Handset/Headset Volume Control Speed Dial Buttons
Headset Activation Time in Display
Hold Tone/Pulse
Intercom Calling Voice over IP (VoIP) expected to be available mid 2009.
Quantity Discounts:  5% ordering 4-8 phones 10% ordering 9-16 phones - Adjust quantity for each color in the shopping cart.  Discount prices will be calculated and confirmed by email before your order is processed. 
XBlue Speakerphone Charcoal

UPC: XB-1670-00





XBlue Speakerphone Red Mahogany

UPC: XB-1670-76





XBlue Speakerphone Titanium

UPC: XB-1670-86





XBlue Speakerphone Vivid Blue

UPC: XB-1670-92





XBlue Speakerphone PINK

The Susan G. Komen Cure for Breast Cancer Partnership - By special order, while supplies last.






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XBlue 16 KSU Communications Server
XB-1610 -00

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- XBlue Networks X16 communications server
- Maximum system configuration: 6 telephone lines, 16 digital speakerphones, 2 VoIP media gateways (VoIP feature coming mid 2009) (takes 2 telephone line ports)
- 4 Voicemail ports with 2 hours of message storage
- Blue backlit LCD display
- Call forward to voicemail
- Call transfer
- Caller ID, call waiting caller ID
- CO line busy/idle status (LED)
- CO line ringing (programmable)
- 3-Way conference
- Daylight savings (automatic with caller ID)
- Direct station select, busy lamp field
- Display number dial
- Distinctive ringing
- Do not disturb
- Express conferencing
- Flash timer
- Hands free answer
- Handset/headset volume control
- Headset activation
- Hold
- Hot dial pad
- Intercom calling
- Intercom paging
- Last number redial log
- Meet me answer (paging)
- Message waiting
- Music on hold internal/external
- Mute with LED indication
- Navigation keys
- New message count in display
- Phone book dialing
- 12 Programmable buttons
- Programmable operator position
- Programmable pause (speed bins)
- Redial
- Ringer volume control
- Set time and date
- Speed dial buttons
- Time in display
- Tone/pulse
- Voice over IP (feature coming mid-2009)

Click here for the same VOIP that we use here at SELLCOM!

XBlue 16 KSU Communications Server
XB-1610 -00

UPC: XB-1610-00




XBlue 1630 2-port CO module
XB-1630-00 for use with the 1610

UPC: XB-1630-00

The system comes initially with 4 CO lines built-in and 16 digital extensions. This 2-port CO module allows the option to add two more CO lines to take it to six lines. In the cabinet of the KSU, there is a slot where this module XB-1630, can be installed. You would, of course, have to have the lines available in their phone service to activate the lines.

Expected in mid-2009 there will be an optional card that is 2 VOIP gateways and it would also go into that slot (so it would be either CO or VOIP for expansion).





XB1698-XB 4 line splitter
  • Provides modular connection of X16 digital telephones to the X16 server
  • Up to four X16 Digital telephones can be connected to one 4-line splitter
  • 4-line splitter uses just one digital extension port on the X16 server





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On Hold Plus 7000

We have for years recommended this OHP7000 If you have a PBX or our TMC system,
We now recommend it as well to work with the XBlue. 


The ULTIMATE in On-Hold Audio!

Introducing the new 7000 series, truly the Revolution of the species! The 7000 series can literally handle almost anything you throw at it. Whether you have your on-hold audio on a regular audio CD, MP3 encoded CD, SD memory card, or on your PC, this system can do it all. And, like all of our other systems, itís very easy to use! Just drop in an audio or MP3 encoded CD, close the lid -- the 7000 series player spins up the disc and records it into the units built-in 128MB of digital flash memory. Want more time? Simply slide in an SD card (any retail SD card will do). With a 1GB SD card, you can have over 70 hours of audio content. Continuous playback begins immediately. Select a specific track or play all tracks in memory, the choice is up to you. OHP-7000 series players come pre-loaded with nearly 3 hours of licensed music and messages, so itís ready for use right out of the box.

Software - The 7000 series includes our award winning, simple-to-use MessageStudio Software. With MessageStudio you're just a few mouse clicks away from your own, professional sounding, custom on-hold audio presentation. You'll be surprised at just how quick, fun and easy it is to sound like a Fortune 500 company.


On-Hold Plus OHP7000 with CD for those who have a PBX or KEY phone system. Includes Message Studio Software free!




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* 90 Day hot swap warranty may require a signed form outlining our agreement and authorizing us to charge your card if the defective unit is not returned as agreed.  Also tech support may need to confirm that your unit has a warranty issue.  Other than that it is pretty simple, we send you a brand new unit and pick up the bad one.


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