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Featured Product:  ZeroSurge FF1-20W-240UB (Euro Connectors)

ZeroSurge FF1-20W-240UB (Euro Connectors)

Part # 002-03073

Branch Circuit Protection, NEMA1 Enclosure, 240/208VAC

NEMA1 Screw cover box with knockouts 12"H x 12"W x 4"D

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ZeroSurge FF1-20W-240UB (Euro Connectors)

Part # 002-03073

This unit does not have outlets and requires installation by a licensed electrician.



Education section



UL1449 vs UL1283  UL rating

UL 1449 is the safety standard for “TVSS”, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors. The appropriate safety listing for a surge suppressor that uses MOVs as clamping components is UL 1449. These types of Plug-In devices clamp and divert surges, and wear out with use.

UL 1283 is the safety standard for “Electromagnetic Interference Filters”. Zero Surge technology is filter technology. Since surges consist of a brief burst of high frequency energy, surges can be eliminated using appropriate filtering technology. This technology does not wear out with use.

A-1-1 Certification
All Zero Surge products meet the A-1-1 Classification. Surge suppression has been classified by the US Government using the following terminology:


  • Grade A is the best endurance: 1,000 surges of 6,000 volts, 3,000 amps with no degradation.
  • Class 1 specifies the best voltage suppression of 330 volts peak for 6,000 volt, 3,000 amp surges.
  • Mode 1 is Line to Neutral suppression. This avoids ground wire contamination and is recommended for interconnected equipment.

MOV Suppressor Safety

Important Alert:  CPSC Recalls 15 million surge protectors.  Click here for information.

If you are using an MOV type surge suppressor or are considering their use, please read the following:

  • MOVs wear out and must be replaced every 6 months to 3 years depending on the surge environment. The “protection working light” is proof the manufacturer expects their product to fail, making their use a real gamble!
  • Failed MOVs may flame, smoke, or open a fuse, removing power from critical equipment.
  • Most MOV suppressor ratings are based on calculations, not actual endurance testing.
  • MOVs used in “all three modes” actually endanger networked equipment, and can degrade audio, video and computer signals.


  • Avoid using suppressors in plastic housings. Metal housings will impede MOV fires better.
  • Do not place MOV suppressors on carpeting, near curtains or other flammable surfaces.
  • Shake the suppressor periodically and listen for loose parts. Discard if it rattles.
  • If the housing has burn marks (soot, discoloration), discard immediately.
Check with Underwriters Laboratories to see if a manufacturer has had its products tested for endurance and performance (Adjunct Classification) as well as safety or ask the company for the test results from another Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). If a product is not rated for performance and endurance, its use is simply a dangerous gamble.

Additional safety information:

Laboratory/Clean Room Applications

LAB_(2033)Laboratories, clean rooms, and R&D facilities are critical environments with extremely sensitive electronics.  The surge and noise protection in these environments must be superior to insure that the expensive, critical equipment is not adversely affected by power surges.  Zero Surge’s series mode technology protects connected equipment from even worst case surges.  It was certified for performance and endurance by Underwriters Laboratories to withstand 1,000 worst case surges of 6,000 Volts/3,000 Amps in 30 second intervals without degradation or failure!

Workstations, DNA testing equipment, incubators, and hoods are just some of the types of equipment being protected by Zero Surge’s power quality filters.  Solutions are available in 15 and 20 Amps to accommodate various applications.

Lab Manager Mag


Read more about effective electrical surge protection for sensitive laboratory electronics in the June 2014 issue of Lab Manager Magazine by clicking on the magazine cover or here.







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